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Interview with Westlife

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November 2001

from Smash Hits. Thanks to Agnes for sending and sharing the interviews with all you fans =)

Ever wanted to know what Westlife chat about in private?
What do they really think of each other's dress sense, other bands and babies?
Find out as Kian turns interviewer for the day...
It's a breezy Saturday afternoon and we're at a studio in North London. Five very hyperactive Westlife lads have just arrived and they are running around like toddlers who've eaten too many Smarties.

As the unofficial leader of the band, Kian has offered to play the part of SH jurnalist today and he's asking the boys his own special selection of questions - which means it promisses to be their juiciest interview to date.

Kian's keen to get started. "Come on, boy, stop messing," he laughs. Bryan runs off to play a tune on the piano while Nicky and Shane start a fight and Mark orders lunch. "They're an absolute nightmare!" he admits, rolling his eyes, "We've been doing interviews for so long, it's hard not to muck about. I'm looking forward to asking them loads of interesting questions. But they'll probably get their
revenge by embarrassing me."


Kian: Right, lads. Who do you think will be the next band to split
up. Will it be Steps? Will it be us?
Nicky: Steps.
Mark: They're closer to that stage in their career than us.
Nicky: And because I don't think they're churning out good music
anymore. The songs they're releasing aren't as special as the stuff
they did three or four years ago.
Bryan: Nicky, don't be saying things like that. I think their songs
are better than ever.
Shane: They're very good at what they do, but they won't be around
Bryan: It's bands like Blue who are gonna be around for ages - they
aren't going anywhere. Lee's voice is amazing.

Kian: Ok, has everyone met Molly and has she made you broody?
Bryan: Well, I've met her once or twice...
Nicky: She's so beautiful, it'd be impossible not to feel like you
want one yourself.
Shane: Mark's even started going out with a girl and actually seeing
her again the night after. There's something strange going on!
Mark: I'm really broody, but I haven't got a hope in hell at the
Kian: I'm not. I've had nieces and nephews all my life so I know what
it's like to have kids around all the time - no thanks!

Kian: Have anyone's priorties changed since the birth?
Bryan: Obviously, mine have - Molly and Kerry are the most important
things in the world to me.
Shane: The band's viewpoint has changed.
Nicky: Molly came along and she put everything into perspective.
Mark: She made us all think about the meaning of life - there are
some things you can't buy.
Shane: Not that we'd forgotten that. Although you can buy babies on
the Internet nowadays.

Kian: Are you fans of UK garage?
Bryan: I hate, hate, hate garage.
Nicky: I hated Chain Reaction but I still said Steps were good!
Bryan: That was a specific band we were talking about. We're talking
in general here and discussing the noise as a genre.

Kian: What are all of you listening to at the moment?
Shane: I haven't got it yet, but I'm going to buy Michael Jackson's
album today and then I'll be listening to it constantly.
Nicky: I want Robbie's big band album, I reckon that's going to be
wicked. Oh, and I've had Alicia Keys' album on loads.
Kian: She's been on our stereo a lot lately, she's brilliant.
Bryan: She's unbelieveble, she really is. Blue are wicked too.

Kian: What would happen if our next single only sold two copies, or
DJ Otzi beat us to the top spot this year?
Nicky: DJ who?
Bryan: "Hey, heeeey, baby! Ooh! Ahh!"
Mark: I think novelty records are cool. They're fun and the kids love
Nicky: What can you do? I guess we just have to take it on the chin
and look forward to the next single.
Shane: Hang on, two copies? As in one, two?
Kian: Yep. If that happened I'd like to split up.
Mark: I'd start looking at other career options.
Shane: I think I would too. We'd have to have serious discussions.
Bryan: I'd be gone already!

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