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worldpop: Is it impossible to date fans?

Mark: No, not impossible. Some of us actually have dated fans, but it's never been a serious relationship. It depends on which level they are fans. Say level one is a girl who has our album and likes it and level 10 would be a girl who sleeps outside our hotel. We could date, like levels one to three. But I wouldn't date anyone for the wrong reasons. A lot of girls like me just because I'm in Westlife. That's not enough to get me out on a date with them

worldpop: It must be a great feeling to have girls chasing after you?

Kian: It was fun when the band started with all these beautiful girls wanting to be with you because you were in a band, but after a while you realise that they don't want me. They want a guy in Westlife. It's all fake and I don't like to live in a fake world. I've been with loads of girls for the heck of it, but when I meet a girl now, if she doesn't like me for me it's bye, bye!

Mark: I know we have the tools; power, fame and a bit of money, to get girls, and there's a lot of guys who would take the chance. For a lot of girls money and power are enough for them to go with a guy and I think it's sad to see that happen.

worldpop: Are you afraid you'll never find true love?

Shane :No, I'm too young for that. I don't want to be stuck in a serious relationship or get married. I'm only 21, you know what I mean? I want to be able to enjoy myself. But I'm the quiet guy in the band. Bryan is the womaniser!

Mark: I'm a big believer in destiny and what's meant to happen will happen. If I'm meant to find the girl I'll love and want for the rest of my life, it will happen. Too many people go out there and try too hard to find love and it can turn out so wrong. I just sit back and let destiny take its course. I don't sit at home waiting for her to knock on my door, but I don't try to look for that special somebody.

worldpop: Have you been in love?

Mark: I haven't been in love, really. There's been few times when I though I was, and we dated for a few months but it never worked out. In a relationship, I'm very honest. You can never lose if you tell the truth. But I haven't had so many girlfriends, maybe seven or eight.

Kian: I've been in love before - I fell in love when I was 17 and we broke up when I was 18 and a half, but I'm still young, only 20 and if I find love I won't ignore it. But I'm not a nasty guy, so girls don't have to watch out. worldpop: Do you get the chance to date much?

Kian: No, I've been dating a few girls here and there but it's too hard. Every time I find a nice girl and end up dating her, I have to go away for two weeks. And she's like, 'I'm not waiting three weeks!' And if she does, when I come back and have to go away again for three weeks she'll say, 'I'm not waiting three weeks!' It's always the case. I meet a girl and we go out, but when I see her again after two weeks, she's with another guy.

worldpop: Have you ever regretted, for any reason, that you joined Westlife?

Mark: No, sometimes for 10 minutes I thought I regretted it, but then I realised I was just having a bad day. But we all say stuff like, 'I wish I never...'. Sometimes I wish I could just go home and watch TV, but guaranteed I would be bored after two weeks. I'm sure everybody would like a break from what they do sometimes.

worldpop: Hasn't it always been your dream?

Kian: Yes, this has been my dream since I was a child. I started acting when I was four. I never thought it was gonna happen - worldwide success! It's perfect for me. There are hard days and bad days. Sometime I wake up and think, 'Oh no, not again!' but you go on.




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