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Westlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Westlife in Mexico!

9/01/01 update1

Thanks to Sharon for sending this big piece of news!

Early this morning on TV in England, it is reported that Kerry has just given birth to Molly at Dublins Carmel Hospital. Bryans mum Maired said that mum, baby and dad are all doing well. Congrats to all of them!


Bryan and the Queen

[this is a rumor] According to the biography "Westlife on Tour" and as reported by the Daily Star, Bryan told Queen Elizabeth II that she looked like "a Quality Street wrapper" when he met her at the Royal Variety Performance in November of last year. The Queen was rumored to have retorted, "And you look like you've enjoyed a few sweets yourself, lard boy," The remarks embarrassed all around, but not the two involved. Bryan is also supposed to have asked Prince Charles when the band could "come and see his gaffe" and have told the other Westlife members that the Queen "looks like she's been in 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.'"



Bryan and the Queen

[this is a rumor] According to the biography "Westlife on Tour" and as reported by the Daily Star, Bryan told Queen Elizabeth II that she looked like "a Quality Street wrapper" when he met her at the Royal Variety Performance in November of last year. The Queen was rumored to have retorted, "And you look like you've enjoyed a few sweets yourself, lard boy," The remarks embarrassed all around, but not the two involved. Bryan is also supposed to have asked Prince Charles when the band could "come and see his gaffe" and have told the other Westlife members that the Queen "looks like she's been in 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.'"

Aides to both camps said that far from rubbing each other up the wrong way, the two were sending sparks of sexually generated tension towards each other and "openly flirting in a bloody rude way".

Bryan is said to be smitten by Her Royal Highness. "He carries this wee snowstorm of Buckingham Palace with him everywhere he goes," a Westlife insider might suggest, "He just sits and shakes it and stares at it and smiles all the bloody time. And then she'll send text-messages - 'I luv u', 'ur my cudly corgi'; his phone never stops bloody bleepin'. Prince Philip has turned a blind eye, I've heard, because The Queen has been in these sort of relationships before. It got really messy with Howard Donald from Take That."

Westlife Decline Movie Offers

It is reported that Westlife are being bombarded with offers to star in several top movies, but are too busy to even consider them...just look at their recent Mexico/Brazil promotional tour...that is just hectic. The group just isn't interested in film careers at the moment, despite the tempting offers.

Kian said, "We are always being asked to appear in films. Between the lot of us we have had about 50 offers. But we just don't have the time. Samantha Mumba had a great time acting in L.A., but it took about eight months out of her schedule. We couldn't go away for that long, especially in the middle of recording and promoting our new album."

Nicky And Kerry Co-host TV Show

Nicky is getting together with Kerry to make their TV presenting debut. They will be co-hosting the Childline charity concert in Dublin's Point Theatre next January. Westlife will be performing on the live TV show (as they did last year), and are expected to be named as the headline act. Other acts being tipped to perform include S Club 7, O-Town, newcomers Bellefire and Samantha Mumba's little brother Omero.

A worker on the show says, "We thought about teaming Kerry up with her partner Bryan, but Nicky is actually far more interested in doing TV work. It's ideal timing for Kerry because she'll have had time to recover from the birth of her baby and get back in shape."


When You're Looking Like That' is released today in Australia. The CD single includes "Con Lo Bien Que Te (When You're Looking Like That in Spanish), "Don't Get Me Wrong" and "I'll Be There"

More details about the Westlife and Sherina collaboration on "I Have a Dream". They're collaborating on the song "I Have A Dream", which Westlife have explained, is to show their appreciation to their fans in Indonesia.

Gumilang Ramadhan (General Manager of BMG Indonesia) said, "If everything goes well, the album will be released in August. After a three-month review, part of the profit from the sales will be given to Indonesian children through an international charity foundation."

Westlife and Sherina's duet will be packaged in a new format, AVCD/Multiplex, where audio and video are put in one disc and available on CD and VCD. The songs on this album are various versions of "I Have A Dream" -- a remix version of the duet, an original remix U.K. version by Westlife only, the original version, and
a minus one version for karaoke. There're also two videos on "I Have A Dream" and a karaoke version. Sherina and Westlife only met once last May to shoot the video right before Westlife's concert in Kuningan, Jakarta.

Track listing:

1. "I Have A Dream" (with Sherina)
2. "I Have A Dream" (remix)
3. "I Have A Dream" (original version)
4. "I Have A Dream" (karaoke version)

1. Format Data (not playable)
2. "I Have A Dream"
3. (with Sherina video)
4. "I Have A Dream" (behind the scene video)
5. "I Have A Dream" (karaoke version)
6. "I Have A Dream" (with Sherina)
7. "I Have A Dream" (remix)
8. "I Have A Dream" (original version) -- Nadia Marzuki


Watch WYLLT on CD:UK Saturday

On Saturday, CD:UK will have an exclusive look at the video 'When You're Looking Like That' - which they recently released in Europe and the Far East. Kian, Nicky, Shane, Mark and Bryan will be back on CD:UK very soon.

More from Kian

More quotes from Kian about that "little" incident outside that bar in Sligo. He said, "Maybe they think they have one up on me now, but at the end of the day I have the last laugh. I'm the one who's lucky enough to have a successful career. I'm travelling the world, meeting interesting people, having fun and getting paid for it. They're sitting back in Sligo not doing very much except sitting on the side of the street drinking cans of beer every night. I'm sure they would love to trade places."

Shane's new house

Shane's new family home continues to be built. A 9 foot wall has already been built around the house...even before the actual construction of the house. Shae is buying the house as a gift to his family...a way for thanking his family for all the support they have given him. A friend said "If it wasn't for his mother, Mae, phoning Louis Walshthen the world would never have had Westlife. The house costs $1.3 million and is in Carrowroe, Ireland. It has 5 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. "He [Shane] sat down with his family and the architect to decide exactly what they wanted. It takes your breath away. It's a very unusual shape and has everything including a sauna, music room and five huge bedrooms."

Ash and Westlife

Ah yes, Ash is in the news once again. The rockers have decided to poke fun at Westlife by doing a cover of "Uptown Girl". Tim Wheeler of Ash said, ""I think they're on the verge of cracking up and it's all our fault. Actually, we covered 'Uptown Girl' for Chris Moyles (BBC radio show). Was our version better? It couldn't really get any worse! It's a song Westlife stole from Billy Joel, so we're stealing it back."

Westlife supports Mariah Carey

Westlife recently sent a message of support to Mariah Carey. Mariah recently suffered from a nervous breakdown. Mark said, "We were sad to hear what she's been going through. We sent her flowers and good wishes. Her agent told us she's getting out of hospital soon, so we hope she's on the road to recovery. I suppose people find it hard to believe that a woman that beautiful and successful can actually be a nice person too. But she just never knows when to stop working. She never relaxes, that's probably her biggest problem."

Westlife vs P. Diddy?!!

In a weirder battle, it seems the P. Diddy (or Puff Daddy) is battling Westlife in a battle of the briefs. Puffy makes a line of clothes under the Sean John label and has launched an underwear campaign to rival Calvin Klein, who recently signed Westlife. Puffy is convinced his range of SEAN JOHN designer smalls will be far sexier than anything the Westlife boys can promote. Combs said, "My underwear line is a much roomier fit for the black man, if you know what I mean! Calvin's are too tight for me. I'm going head-to-head with Calvin. No matter which stars he gets to front his campaigns, my adverts will be sexier than his. Sean John has more styles than Calvin and it's about time he had some competition. So Calvin, you're up to the challenge, here I am - come holler at your foe!"

I found this old news article, and I decided to post it.

Kian has also denied claims that Westlife are going separate ways. He said, "What a load of rubbish. There's no way in the world that we'resplitting up and in fact we've never even talked about it. As soon as thingsgo a bit quiet, people start making up these crazy stories. We are all really looking forward to everything's that's coming up in the future. We'll be around for quite some time to come."


There are plenty of Westlife fans out there. Rain caused the cancellation of the free FM104 Monster Day Out concert in south Dublin. Security staff at Marlay Park turned away up to 3,000 cars at the gates. Thousands of parents and children also arrived on foot only to be turned away. Heavy rainfall the past few days saturated the park, making it unusable. Over 45,000 tickets had been distributed for the concert (Westlife was one of several performers).


Westlife are nearly finished recording their 3rd album! The new album will contain 15 new songs and will be released in November. Bryan said, "We have been working frantically in the studio in Dublin and are nearly there. And we can't wait to get back on tour again to see all our fans."

More rumors from the outside world...with details so glaringly wrong that I wonder where they come up with the info. The original article from MTVAsia this past week is as follows:

"Irish boyband Westlife are going back to America to have a second crack at winning over pop fans stateside. The crooners returned from the states last month with their tails between their legs after fruitlessly trying to promote their album "Westlife" there. At the time, manager Louis Walsh said, "We are not sure whether it will happen for us now. Our stronghold is Britain and Europe. "We are doing really well there and we don't want to be associated with failure." But a month on, the band have vowed to return and they think performing on film soundtracks is the way forward. Nicky Byrne promises, "I can honestly say we will go back to America. I reckon we will break the States when we release more songs there and get our stuff on movie soundtracks."

The glaringly wrong info is that Westlife haven't been to the States in nearly a year! However, earlier this month this is what Shane had to say in the Sunday World Westlife column:

"Only recently I read in a British newspaper [i.e. The Sun] that Westlife had given up on America. It said that we had been over there this year and failed to score any success. So we've decided not to bother with America anymore. Another pack of lies. If the person who wrote that story had checked with us, we could have told him the facts. We haven't been in America this year. We've been touring the UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia. In fact we're going off to South America in a couple of weeks. So, to put the record straight: I'm not going solo. Westlife isn't breaking up. We haven't given up on America."


According to reports, Westlife have named their 3rd album "World Of Our Own." The release date has been set on November 11 of this year. In an interview, Nicky said, "We see a lot of bands trying to change but we want to keep the original Westlife sound. We are still 100 per cent pop and want to sing ballads, do big shows and entertain our fans. We don't think pop will ever die." The group is scheduled to release a new single in October, and the single to be released is rumored to be a funky tune written by Bryan called "Bop Bop Baby". Kian, who can play 12 instruments, has written a track similar to Aerosmith hit "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing." Nicky adds, "There are about six or seven songs on it that are definitely of single quality."


Christina reports that Westlife is #2 in top 20 Latin America.

In another piece of news, which Westlife fans should not be surprised to hear: The members of Five say that Westlife are not as squeaky-clean as they make out to be. The band say that they meet Westlife on drunken benders quite often. Five singer Ritchie said, "People seem to think we are the bad boys of pop, and they're the goody goody ballad singers. We had a huge night out in Tel Aviv. Westlife were really smashed that night. I saw Bryan McFadden the next morning when we went for a walk along the beach. He was really minging. We were walking along and every few seconds he'd stop to puke. He's a big lad and I think he can drink as much as me, but whenever we go out he always ends up being not too well."


Nicky made a brief appearance at a soccer match, but even his presence could not help the home team, the Bray Wanderers. Ipswich Town beat the Bray Wanderers 2-0 on Thursday night.

Westlife's 3rd album is looking to be their best yet as 3 of the world's leading producers are working on it. The group is currently working at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. The producers recruited thus far include American producer Rhett Lawrence, who has produced stars such Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, as well as music men Jam & Lewis, the team responsible for Janet Jackson's sound. Westlife are also working with Richard Stannard, who has worked with Five and the Spice Girls. A spokeswoman for the group said, "The boys have roped in some very big names for the new album, so expect a more varied feel to the production." Westlife had originally planned to record their album in London, but changed it to Dublin so that Bryan could be at home for the birth of his child with Kerry.


Westlife have landed a 500,000 contract to model clothes made by Calvin Klein. The group will be seen in magazine and billboard ads across Europe wearing next year's spring/summer collection. A source at Calvin Klein said, "Both brands, Westlife and Calvin Klein are perfectly suited. The band love wearing stylish clothes and have always been fashionable. The ad campaign will be shot by a top fashion photographer." The group are currently in Ireland recording their 3rd album. Thanks to Sharon for sending the info.


Westlife is #2 in "los 10 mas pedidos" and #3 in "the top 20" with Uptown Girl on MTV (Latin America). Thanks to Juliana for the info.

Pop World is continuing to sponsor a contest where you can win 2 boxes (96 pieces) of official Westlife chocolate bars. To win, you have to guess which member is on the wrapper and which is on the candy bar that the site has put aside.


Thanks to Agnes for the following two pieces of news =)

Great news for UK fans! You can watch Westlife's video "When You're Looking Like That" exclusively on The Box starting next Friday (August 10) at 7pm. The selection number will be 123. The guys have recorded some trailers for The Box. The shoot took place in London on August 1 and you can see there that Shane has got new haircut.

The second piece of news concerns Nicky and Georgina: Nicky insists that he will never cheat on his girlfriend Georgina and is is determined not to throw away what they have for the quick thrill of a one-night stand. And the hunky boyband star would definitely put his woman first if he had to choose between her and Westlife. He says, "The lads look at me and honestly don't know how I do it. But I love Georgina to death and I couldn't give up all we have for some little fling. I'm not into sleeping with someone for the sake of it. I believe a one-night stand could ruin a lifetime. I always look at life from a long-term perspective of 'what'll happen after the band?' I always want Georgina in my life. And if Westlife is going to put that at risk, I'm not interested."

Shane has denied reports that he will quit the group for a solo career. He said, "Let me reassure Westlife fans everywhere that there is no truth in that story. I have no idea where it came from. I mean, look how silly it would be. At the moment we're in the middle of recording our new album. We've only done one world tour. There's still another five or six to do. Things have never been better in the Westlife camp. We're selling millions of albums and our next one is shaping up really well. Next year, we'll also release a Greatest Hits album."


The video for "When You're Looking Like That" can be seen on CNN Latin America all weekend on a program called "Escenario". Thanks to Gabriel for the info.


"Uptown Girl" is the #10 best selling single in Australia this week!

Westlife are looking to show a mature side (i.e. shedding their boyband image) when they release their next album. The sleeve of their new album will have a "grown up" look to it. And are gunning for more mature songs, which they have written. Kian said, "We are going to have four different set-ups and this series of pictures will look very different to the last two album sleeves. We don't want to come across as the average boyband anymore. It's not that were going to totally change or anything, but we are going to try and make it a bit more stylish and a bit more us. We're just trying to take a step up more than anything else."

Nicky will make an appearance in goal for Dublin City when they play Leeds tonight (8pm, August 3). He was once on the books at Leeds and then had played for Irish league clubs Shelburne and Cobh Ramblers before finding fame and fortune with Westlife. Dublin boss John McDonnell said, ''Nicky is still great friends with Gary Kelly, Harry Kewell and Stephen McPhail and is really looking forward to the game. The lad showed great promise as a teenage keeper with Leeds and still loves the game. We will introduce him at some stage of the game and his very presence should swell the crowd.''


The rumors on Westlife just keep on coming. It's as if the tabloids have nothing better to talk about. The newest rumors from the UK say that Shane is about to sign a solo deal...which could signal the break up of the group. The supposed rumor says that Shane is about to sign a 5 album deal. He would be the first member of Westlife to sign a solo deal witht he group's current label RCA. A record company aide said, "He is a wonderful talent with a fantastic voice. We believe he can last the distance."

Record company execs were quick to dismiss this rumor...within a day it seems [too bad they didn't react at all on the "Westlife gives up on the US" news]. A spokeswoman for the band said the same afternoon that the band are planning to release new material later this year. An official statement states, "Despite rumours, RCA and Westlife would like to reassure fans that the band will not be splitting up. Westlife are currently recording their third album and are very excited about the prospects of making this album their best yet." Westlife have said, "Rumours have been circulating that we're splitting up this is a load of rubbish. Bigger and better things from Westlife are yet to come."

In other news, Bryan is about to become an international ambassador. He has been invited to join South Africa's Circle Of Sunshine, a group made up of people with links to the country. Bryan said, "I was delighted to be asked to join the circle. I had a great time when Westlife toured South Africa two months ago." South African ambassador to Ireland Malanie Verwoerd says she is delighted with the news saying, "If we can mobilise this great community of friends to influence their friends and colleagues, it will have a big impact on our economy."


Five have said in an interview that they support Westlife's decision to give up breaking the US. Five's J said he understands why the band decided to focus on European instead of American success. "It doesn't surprise me. Americans expect you to devote a year of your life to breaking America and unless you've got a burning desire to do it then it's not going to happen. You can't blame them for wanting to come home and see their families and friends. Why spend a year out there being miserable." Ritchie added, "It's not worth it. We broke America with our first album but we were between deals and record companies were fighting to sign us."

editor's comment on the Five interview: Five is pretty much a one-hit wonder in the US with "When the Lights go Out" ...and seemed to have a promising start here. I've always wondered why they didn't release a second song here. America isn't all that easy to break in part because there are so many people in this country, nearly 300 million at last count...which is about the same size as all of Europe. Plus the land mass is greater, meaning more TV and radio stations out there...and lots of travelling for promotion. Westlife did not spend a year out here in the US, but only a few months...i think about 3-4. And there are fans out here just WAITING to see Westlife!

The members of Westlife are in for a huge cash windfall after penning several of their own songs for their new album. They have written at last 4 songs on their upcoming album. Bryan and Shane have written most of the tracks. Kian said, "We've been writing songs long before Westlife came about, we've just become better at it over time. The producers are working with us on some songs that will be included on the new album. Bryan has written a new song called 'Color Of My Skin' that is something like the big hit 'We Are The World,' We're going to record it with a children's choir."


Thanks to Agnes for the following piece of news!

Westlife have finally made the video to "When You're Looking Like That". As another fan told us earlier this month, the layout is similar to "I Lay My Love on You", but this time there are video clips from the concerts in South Africa (instead of Singapore). The video isn't realeased yet, but you can see it on the German BMG site. note: you will need Windows Media Player to see it. It's gotten rave reviews from fans that have seen it =)


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