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Welcome to Server Spare Parts. At our site you will find one the largest Databases of Server Spares Worldwide. From Source to Stock, you will find most any server/system related component from HP, IBM, Compaq, Dell, Sun, Lenovo, and Gateway. We feature a different approach to E-Commerce. While pricing does have it's place, we know the most accurate pricing cannot be updated to a Website frequently enough. How do we know this? We have other E-Commerce Sites that offer our products.

Server Spare Parts serves mostly Corporate end users, but are aggressive enough in our pricing for the Reseller industry.

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We know you want a quote fast. Quick response is our trademark. Start by clicking in our Search Box at the top right of your screen. Or use our Quick Quote feature below. If during normal North American business hours, we can provide quotes normally within minutes.

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There are over 50,000 products available through our portal. Peripherals such as SAN/NAS Drives, Memory, CPU's are our strongest offerings. Conditions such as New come from standard Distribution Channels. Refurbished and Used products are determined based on when the product was received and whether it has yet been tested.

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